At Ronald Energy we ensure effective maintenance of onshore pipelines through our effective procedures which have been set in place to bring about proper maintenance. Our policies and procedures also ensure that there are no accident or fire outbreaks during the course of maintenance. We also ensure that a thorough investigation of incidents and emergencies is carried out on pipelines which have been involved in any working mishaps.

Our team of maintenance experts is well equipped with Personal Protective equipment (PPE) to ensure that the risk of casualties is reduced. The use of our pipeline pigs ensure that we inspect and maintain your pipelines without stopping operation. Also, our storage facility maintenance is handled in the same manner of excellence as our onshore pipeline maintenance.We have competent staffs that use quality equipment in the maintenance of these facilities.

Onshore Pipeline/Storage Facility Maintenance services include: Pipeline/Storage facility maintenance, Pipeline Pigging and Inspection, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), Corrosion Prevention & Control Services (Cathodic Protection & Coating, etc)







Pipeline/Storage facility maintenance






Pipeline Pigging and Inspection






Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)







Corrosion Prevention & Control Services (Cathodic Protection & Coating, etc)