At Ronald Energy we provide industry standard installation and maintenance of onshore/offshore metering facilities and measurement equipment . Our policies and procedures also ensure that there are no accident or fire outbreaks during the course of installations or maintenance.

Our technical personnel are well equipped with Personal Protective equipment (PPE) to ensure that the risk of casualties is reduced. With our team of well trained engineers and technicians we undertake the following services across different facilities in the oil and gas industries.

♦ Installation of metering system.

♦ Commissioning of metering system.

♦ Maintenance of metering system.

♦ Validation/calibration of metering system equipment for custody transfer.

♦ Verification/calibration of water cut meter, moisture analyser and Densitometer.

♦ Verification of Orifice meter, UFM, flare gas meter, variable area flow meter, electromagnetic flow meter and coriolis meter.